It has been decided..
With pain in my heart I have to inform you that I do not take on additional assignments from now on, until further notice.
Loyal followers may have seen it already, but I will now officially phase out the work related to photography.
My role in a growing start-up (Fastned, check it out) asks a lot of time and brain space. And just like you, I would also like to enjoy the newly freedom after these months of social detox: going out with my friends, renovating a house and spending time with my loved ones.
I hope that you are with me in this choice, and with as much enthusiasm support and follow my journey in sustainable entrepreneurship. 
With my head held high, a lot of proudness and a look to the (electric) future, I say hang on and see you later. My story has another chapter!
For the dearest (almost) customers, please reach out to my fantastic colleagues:
Kaat DM, Felix Boniface, Chess Bonte, Elke Van den Ende, Lynn Van Baelen, Roxanne Danckers, Nathalie Dolmans, Hannelore Haemers, Wowee Zowee, ...
Thank you!
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